We Welcome You!

You are invited to worship with us, an experience we know you will enjoy and never forget!

What You Can Expect?

  • A church atmosphere that is saturated with the Love of God!
  • A distinct awareness of the presence of the Lord!
  • A feeling of acceptance and belonging!
  • A church filled with friendly and loving people just like you!

In this short introduction we can really never tell you what Spirit and Life Kingdom Center i is all about. In fact the only way for you to know and see the work that God is doing at our church is for you to experience it yourself! So we extend an invitation to you to visit with us this Sunday. You will receive a warm welcome and we would consider it a great honor, to have you take part in our services.

P: 346-867-3121

Sunday Morning Corporate Prayer

10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship


Wednesday Evening Bible Study


What is The Dress Code?
We do not have a dress code. We believe that people should come as they are.

How Can I Become a Member?

Please Contact our Church Administrative Assistant at our toll free number 346-867-3121

What Does The Church Believe?

  • WE BELIEVE in one God, who exists in three Persons the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is loving, holy and just. 
  • WE BELIEVE that the Bible is God’s Word. It is inspired and accurate. It is our perfect guide in all matters of life.
  • WE BELIEVE that sin has separated us all from God, and that only through Jesus Christ can we be reconciled to God. 
  • WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is both God and Man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took all our sins upon Himself, died and rose again. Today, He is seated at the right hand of the Father as our High Priest and Mediator.
  • WE BELIEVE that salvation is the gift of God to man. This gift is effected by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and it results in works pleasing to God.
  • WE BELIEVE that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again just as He promised.
  • WE BELIEVE that water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of God and a testimony of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  • WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. He guides us in all areas of our lives. He also blesses us with spiritual gifts and empowers us to yield the fruit of the Spirit. 
  • WE BELIEVE that the Holy Communion is a celebration of Jesus’ death and our remembrance of Him. 
  • WE BELIEVE that God wants to transform, heal and provide for us, so that we can live blessed and victorious lives that will impact and help others.
  • WE BELIEVE that we are called to preach the gospel to all nations.
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